High Table College Dinner

I was still getting used to the strange black robes that everybody was wearing around me. I had only seen them in Harry Potter movies. After dinner, we were sitting around a small 18th century table with candle lights, drinking port wine and coffee.
Janet on my right took a long sip of her port wine and said,
“By the way, I proposed to the college to replace the after-dinner Claret with a much better Hungarian wine. ”
Mr. Roger on my left knitted his eyebrows in refusal and said,
“But it’s tradition. It’s tradition to have Claret after dinner.”
Janet shrugged her shoulders and continued,
“well, so what? We can change it. Besides, the Hungarian wine would be much cheaper and nobody would even notice.”
Mr. Roger now raised his eyebrows, clearly getting annoyed with her easy dismissal of the tradition, and said “People would notice the difference! It is distinctively British tradition to drink specifically Claret after dinner!!”
As their agitated voices wrestled in the air above the small 18th century table, my mind drifted in thinking about traditions, the historical university, the exotic rituals the earlier dinner consisted, Harry Potter…until finally my eyes scanned the table, and counted three coffees and two glasses of port. No one, including Mr. Roger was having Claret!
Then an older woman across the table looked at me and asked,
“What do you take after dinner?”
Just in time lady—I thought, and replied,
“A big bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce.”

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