Cut (by Grahame Johnson)

[Two actors.] [Young woman is seated and holding a razor blade in her right hand. She is tearful, upset, but is somewhat distant. She intermittently wipes tears from her cheek and eyes with her free hand. She does not speak.] [The second actor is unseen, a female voice. She speaks seductively, persuasively and insidiously.]

[The female voice speaks.]

It’s time. How long has it been since you felt the release? That wave of pleasure and relief. How long have you denied the truth? You need this.

You believed that you could heal, didn’t you? Do you really think I would let you? Let you escape from me? I will always be with you. You need me.

I was the one. I resurrected your dream. I showed you perfection. I blinded you with beauty. I made you believe love could save you. And you did believe, didn’t you? Believed it so passionately, unquestioningly, absolutely.

And I waited and I watched as the illusion crumbled slowly around you. Watched as it dissolved you, stripped you bare, and brought you back here, back here to me. And now? Now it’s time. You must cut yourself again.

Your friends? Where are they? Where are they when you need them? Only I can take away your pain. The pain that gnaws at you day and night. The pain that has seeped into every pore and contaminated every cell. I can replace it with a pain that is yours. Yours to savour. Yours to control.

Embrace the beauty of the blade. Let it absolve you. Feel the coldness of the pristine silver as it pierces your skin once more, and your flesh splits apart.

Breathe in the scent of the blood. Breathe it in deeply. Let the perfume fill your nostrils. Taste it. Savour it. Let the exquisiteness of the pain free you.

[Young woman slowly, hesitantly, moves the razor blade to left forearm and places the blade against the skin.]

You are worthless. You are alone. You will always be alone. You need to cut again. Now. Embrace it. Free yourself.

Remember how good it feels; that release. Cut. Go on. Cut. You need this. You need redemption. You need absolution. Go on. Cut. Now.

[Young woman makes one cut on her left forearm with the razor blade, simultaneously biting her lip.]

Yes. Yes. That’s right. Feel it. Embrace it. Again. Go on. Once more.

[Still biting her lip, young woman makes another cut on her left forearm with the razor blade.]

Yes. Yes. That’s it. You will always be mine.

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