The Prize

HANNAH and PETER enter from opposite ends of the stage. PETER notices HANNAH first.

PETER: Oh, Hannah, hi, good to see you!
HANNAH: Hello [barely recognizing him] Peter?
PETER: So, erm, [pause] congratulations!
HANNAH: Congratulations? What for?
PETER: Haven’t you heard? You’ve won the employee of the month award!
HANNAH: [laughing] You must be joking.
PETER: No, I’m serious. You won hands down.
HANNAH: But that’s impossible!
PETER: Why not? You know that everybody likes you, so you had everyone’s full support.
HANNAH: But how? I’ve left at the beginning of the month,
PETER: You see, how they do it is they measure everybody’s contribution to the company’s performance, and we’ve lost so much money this month that by leaving on the 3rd, you lost us the least amount. And besides, in all that doom and gloom, your leaving do was the highlight of the month.
HANNAH: That’s ridiculous. And hang on a second, I’m pretty sure there’s a rule which says that you have to be a current employee to be eligible.
PETER: [sighs, suddenly more dejected] Yeah, I guess… Of course I wouldn’t pull it off, would I…
HANNAH: Pull what off? What’s going on?
PETER: [more determined now] Right. You see, I always wanted to talk to you, but I never had the courage. And then you left, and I thought I would I would never see you again; and suddenly I run into you here. I thought if I went into the ‘hi, how are you, all right, me too, good, take care, see you’ routine, that would be it, I would actually not see you again. So, since you’ve always been the number one for me in the office, I just said the first thing that came into my mind. I know it was pathetic…
HANNAH: [amused, but not displeased] Tell me, what was the prize the award came with?
PETER: Prize? Right, it was…
HANNAH: No, hang on, I’ll tell what the prize is. It’s a lunch for two in a restaurant of my choice. [takes his arm] Come on, you owe me. [they walk off stage together]


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